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Bachelor Real Estate Management

Bachelor Real Estate Management at the DHBW Mannheim

The Duale Hochschule Baden-Württemberg (DHBW) Mannheim /Baden-Wuerttemberg Cooperative State University Mannheim offers an attractive and unique study method, combining both theoretical studies at the university and practical experience at a real estate partner company. An indicator of our success is the extremely high employment rate of graduates with 80-90% finding themselves immediately with a permanent position at their partner company following the completion of their studies. Our program is based on the actual conditions and requirements of the real estate labor market and businesses, with 40 years of success to prove it.


Our degree program offers students a broad base of knowledge about the real estate industry. It allows them to specialize in the following areas, which are demanded by the market:

  • project planning
  • financing
  • structural measures
  • real estate law
  • facility management
  • marketing
  • renting and
  • commercializing location


Content of Studies

Semesters 1 to 4: Special Business Administration

  • commercial knowledge of the real estate industry
  • basic knowledge of the real estate industry
  • property and law
  • establishment and management of real estate
  • renting and selling real estate
  • architectural history
  • internal and external accounting in the real estate industry
  • planning and structural measures
  • property insurance
  • property taxation
  • quality management maintenance, energy and environmental management of real estate


  • introduction to company
  • rental and selling of real estate
  • accounting management of real estate
  • financing of real estate
  • structural measures
  • HR organization
  • real estate and training companies

Semesters 5 to 6: 1st and 2nd Special Business Administration

  • real estate marketing
  • real estate appraisal
  • real estate finance initiators and investors
  • operations research
  • project development and project management
  • facilities management
  • property control
  • urban and regional planning and development
  • market and state in the real estate industry


  • concentration and expansion on the future
  • job requirements
  • write and present bachelor thesis


Real Estate Partner Companies

The degree program Real Estate Management is open to all working in this field or a similar company.

The DHBW Mannheim operates like a business partnership. During the scientific-theoretical part of their studies, the students collaborate closely with their fellow students at the DHBW, as well as while they are completing the practical part with their partner company. 

Nationwide, around 2,000 businesses as well as social and public institutions from all sectors, trust our dual curriculum that benefits both sides: students are able to focus their study goals accurately, while at the same time, the companies know what kinds of highly trained professionals they can expect in the future. 

The training companies, as dual study partners, are members of the DHBW and take on a large role in the curriculum. They personally select their students, pay for the practical training, support the vocational advancement process of the students and participate in the desired and potential breadth of their training. 

The result of this close cooperation is professionally competent graduates, who can be used with or without a short training period in qualified clerk positions. Since the students already have 6 praxis phases to prove themselves, there is a minimal adjustment risk.

How to become a dual partner - further information


Reasons for studying at DHBW Mannheim

  • One receives a Bachelor's of Arts after the successful completion of 6 semesters.
  • All programs at the DHBW Mannheim are accredited through the ZEvA with 210 ECTS points and are recognized as an intensive course of study.
  • Perspectives Depending on the training of the partner company, the job situation, the generally flat heirarchy in real estate companies and the interests of the students, graduates are capable of taking over certain tasks, which require large amounts of responsibility, shortly after graduation. The dual education system combines academic learning with direct application and expansion of knowledge in professional practice. The two partners, the university and the student's respective company, take on the task of training qualified new recruits.
  • After 3 years of studies, our graduates have obtained a broad theoretical knowledge of their subject, as well as extensive practical business experience that cannot be acquired at any other university. The subsequent career opportunities of our graduates are excellent. On average, more than 80% of our graduates have employment contracts even before they have finished their studies, taking on demanding jobs in industry and commerce immediately after graduation.
  • In addition to our full time professors, specialist areas are taught by guest lecturers from other universities, as well as by qualified professionals. This diversity of didactic and professional knowledge ensures that teaching is both academically and practically oriented.
  • Students are taught in small groups, making sure that every student is included. Both active teaching and learning methods along with intensive personal instruction by professors and tutors, foster motivation and decisively contribute to successful learning.
  • With the establishment of internationally oriented degree programs, we have taken into account the growing globalisation of the labor market. In addition to specialist and social skills, linguistic and intercultural skills are also taught with most degree courses, providing the opportunity to participate in exchange and scholarship programs abroad.


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